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International Construction Innovations Conference

The Construction Innovations 2006 Book

Advances in Technology, Management, and Practices

A publication of the International Construction Innovations Conference


The International Construction Innovations Conference (ICIC) brings together an outstanding group of international scholars, professionals and political leaders to address global advances in the field of construction.  “Construction Innovations 2006 highlights the worldwide state of the art innovations in the management, practice and technology of construction; written by recognized leaders in each field. International construction is critical for every construction company in order to branch out and develop its market. The book will provide the stage for discussion of important topics such as international construction opportunities, government policies related to construction, movement of foreign labor and outsourcing, distinctive and comparative country practices, as well as cultural issues, strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnering. In addition, topics related to Project Finance and Risk Management, Project Procurement, Contract Administration and Dispute Resolution, Information Technology (IT) for Construction and, Contemporary Issues in Construction will be addressed.

Aim and Scope

The aim of this book is to address the latest developments in the field of construction. Written by the leading construction experts worldwide, this book will provide recent development in construction innovations on a global scale. We foresee the book as being an essential guide to basic research and industry practice on which others can build. It will be invaluable in providing a starting point for current and future construction innovation researchers. The book will be of particular value to construction owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and materials and equipment manufacturers in developing innovative policies and practices. As apparent from the title of the book, innovations in three key areas will be addressed, Technology, Management and Practice. Specifically,

Technology Aspects related to:

  1. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  2. Applied Computer Vision
  3. Computing Advances in Building, Civil, and Urban Engineering
  4. Augmented and Virtual Reality
  5. Automation/Robotics
  6. Case Studies in the use of IT
  7. Computer-Aided Construction
  8. Computer-Aided Education
  9. Computer Supported Collaborative Work
  10. Conceptual Design Support
  11. Decision Support Systems
  12. Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery with IT
  13. Distributed Computing in Engineering
  14. Geographical Information Systems
  15. Human Computer Interaction and Graphics
  16. IT for Monitoring and Maintenance of Infrastructure
  17. Intelligent Construction Site
  18. Multi-Agents Systems
  19. Sensors Networks/Instrumentation
  20. Simulation and Modeling
  21. Structural Control
  22. Support Systems for Interactive Design
  23. Voice and Image Recognition Applications


Management Aspects related to:

  1. Engineering Analysis and Design
  2. Project Management;
  3. Codes & Standards of Practice
  4. Quality Control & Resource Constraints
  5. Construction Engineering
  6. Bidding & Contract Administration
  7. Project Financing and Procurement
  8. Risk Assessment and Management
  9. Legal, Ethical and Cultural Issues
  10. Environmental Impacts and Mitigation
  11. Design/Build and/or Operate Projects, Scheduling and Project Delivery


Practice Aspects related to:

  1. Project Finance and Risk Management
  2. Project Procurement
  3. Contract Administration and Dispute Resolution
  4. Contemporary Issues in Construction



Invited authors will be required to submit an abstract of the proposed topic. Topics will be reviewed by the editor and after establishing merit will be forwarded for review by an international panel of experts in the field. If you are interested in being an author in the upcoming book, then please contact

Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji
Civil Engineering & Construction
Bradley University
Peoria, Illinois 61625

The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by a distinguished group of scholars and professionals. If an abstract is deemed relevant and of high quality, then the author will be asked to attend an editorial board meeting at the ICIC 2006 in Peoria Illinois. This meeting will outline the necessary requirements for submitting the final manuscript and coordinate the final publication of the book.