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International Construction Innovations Conference


The Exhibitors for the 2006 ICIC are listed below.

Bradley University

Admissions, Marketing & Communications

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Tom Richmond, Director

Rodney San Jose, Pat Bower & James Hollenbeck

Caterpillar Inc.

Peoria, Illinois

Ms. Paula Douglas

Center for Emerging Technology & Infrastructure

Department of Civil Engineering & Construction

Bradley University

Peoria, Illinois

Ms. Stacey Doss

City of Peoria

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Christopher Setti, Senior Development Specialist

Department of Economic Development

CORE Construction

Morton, Illinois

Mr. Randy Belsley, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Mr. Tim Erickson

Dust Control Technology

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Edwin Peterson, President/Owner

A. G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Jeff Rosecrans, Financial Consultant

Greater Peoria Contractors & Suppliers Assoc.

Peoria, Illinois

Ms. Nancy Crain-Brown, Office Manager

Hanson Professional Services, Inc.

Springfield, Illinois

Ms. Brenda Shutz, Marketing

Ms. Tracy Lundin

Heart of Illinois Regional Port District/TransPORT

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Dan Silverthorn, Mr. Steve Jaeger, Mr. Greg Truniger &

Ms. Sally Hanley

Heartland Partnership/Peoria NEXT

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Kirk Anderson, Mr. Ryan Spain & Mr. Kip McCoy

InVision Studios

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Thomas L. Waldschmidt, Owner/C.E.O.

McGraw-Hill Construction

Chicago, Illinois

Mr. David Rhodes, Publisher & Director

Mr. Paul Burdick

New Horizon of Central Illinois

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Gabe Jaja, General Manager

Mr. Nick Eggleston

On-Site Recycling

Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Dave Schielein, President/Owner

River City Construction

East Peoria, Illinois

Mr. Kevin Carter, Business Development Coordinator

Cody Gerdes & Mr. John Jochums