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International Construction Innovations Conference

Ideation Sessions

Conference roomAs part of the 2006 ICIC conference, a small group of industry experts and customers will have a unique opportunity to participate in a full day round-table ideation session conducted by Caterpillar.  What is ideation?  Quite simply, ideation is a creative brainstorming process that enables companies like Caterpillar to identify new products and services they should consider offering in the future.  It also helps Caterpillar determine where they should allocate some of their research and development funds today in order to effectively meet current and future customer needs.

Caterpillar will conduct 2 ideation sessions as part of the ICIC conference.  One will be focused on the Heavy Construction business (Road Construction, Civil Works, Site Development & Underground Utilities) and one will be focused on the General Construction business (Building Construction – Commercial & Residential, Specialty Trades & Landscaping).

WorkgroupDuring the ideation sessions, we will address future trends, current challenges facing customers and government agencies, and discuss what attendees wish they/customers had in the future that they don’t have today.  In addition we will evaluate some select future concepts Caterpillar is working on to better serve their customers in these industries.

There will be approximately ten people selected by the ICIC board and Caterpillar to participate in each session.

In order to ensure high value sessions, individuals selected will have extensive experience in the industry, have an in-depth understanding of the business, be knowledgeable about the issues facing customers and have a vision of the industry's future.  In addition, four Caterpillar members will participate in each session and serve as experts in the areas of industry, product knowledge, technology and product support.

The ideation session will be conducted in five steps:

  1. Clearly define the task to ensure everyone understands what we are trying to accomplish.
  2. Explore trends, challenges and wishes.
  3. Select the best ideas that are generated during the session.
  4. Develop those ideas and determine the benefits and drawbacks.
  5. Develop ways to move the selected ideas forward.


These ideation sessions will provide an excellent opportunity to meet key people in the industry, at Caterpillar, and help Caterpillar determine their future product and service focus.