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International Construction Innovations Conference


On Sunday night, October 29, 2006, Caterpillar Inc. and CEO Jim Owens will host a special Dinner Cruise to honor guests and some ICIC attendees.  Due to limited capacity of the cruise ship we will only be able to invite 200 guests.  Members of the ICIC network will receive special consideration to attend this important networking function.  We expect to host government officials, business executives and scholars from across the globe.  This function is free of charge.


Dinner Cruise

The Wheel of the Dinner Cruise With Peoria in Background

Dinner Cruise

Mr. Jim Owens, CEO, Caterpillar With ICIC 2004 Guests Before Boarding Cruise

Dinner cruise

(L-R) Ms. Rosie Andolino, O’Hare Executive Director, Dr. Omaima, Senator, Egypt, Gen Shujaat, Presidents, NUST, Pakistan, Mr. Behnam Polis, Minister of Transportation, Iraq, Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji, ICIC Chair.

Dinner Cruise

Prof. Usmen (Wayne State University), Prof. Beliveau (Virginia Tech), Prof. Round (University of New Mexico), and Prof. Schuette (Purdue University) were among many Educators who attended the ICIC 2004 Dinner Cruise.