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International Construction Innovations Conference

Grants & Events

This conference offers unique opportunities to scholars, business executives and government officials from around the world to network and pursue mutually beneficial partnerships. To achieve these objectives, the ICIC 2006 will offer the following unique features:

Grants to attend the ICIC 2006

A select number of US and International scholars and students will receive grants to help them with travel, accommodations and registration expenses incurred during the ICIC October 29-31, 2006 Conference.

If you are interested in being considerd, then please contact Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji at 309-677-2941 or e-mail him

Ideation During ICIC 2006

Caterpillar Inc. will host two Ideation Sessions on Building Construction and Heavy/Highway Construction during the ICIC 2006. Invited participants will be provided with travel expenses for up to $2,000 each. Additionally, some guests will receive free registration and free accommodations. Please contact Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji at 309-677-2941 or e-mail him

Equipment show October 30, 2006

Caterpillar Inc. will provide exciting Equipment Demonstration on October 30, 2006. Attendance is limited to 150 ICIC registrants.  This function is based on first come first served. To be included you must first register for the ICIC 2006 and check the box for the equipment demonstration.

Dinner cruise

Mr. Jim Owens, CEO, Caterpillar Inc. will host a Dinner Cruise on Sunday October 29, 2006 to honor some ICIC network members and special guests. Please note that due to limited seating capacity, it is not possible to accommodate all attendees. The dinner cruise will be attended by business executives, scholars, and government officials from around the globe.  This provides unmatched networking opportunity for invited guests.  Some early registrants will be invited based on space availability. 

Special guests

The International Construction Innovations Conference is about partnering to build a better world.  To that end, we have invited prominent guests from across the globe to attend the various planned function before, during and after the conference.  These guests include

Mr. Adil Abd Al-Mahdi, Deputy President, Iraq
Mr. Samir Sumaida’ie, Ambassador of Iraq to the USA
Mr. James Owens, CEO, Caterpillar Inc., USA
Mr. Ray Lahood, Representative, US Congress
Dr. Barham Salih, Minister of Planning & Development, Iraq
Dr. Mostafa El-Saed Ibrahim, Former Minister of Treasury, Egypt
Mr. Mohamed Mansour, Minister of Transportation, Egypt
Mr. Michel Pierre Pharaon, Minister of State, Lebanon
Dr. David Broski, President, Bradley University, USA
Gen Shujaat Hussain, President, National University, Pakistan
Mr. Jury Sigov, Chief of Bureau in the USA, Business People magazine, Russia
Dr. S. Feyza Cinicioglu, CE Chairman, Istanbul University, Turkey
Dr. Paul Olomolaiye, Dean, Engineering, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Mr. P.R. Swarup, Director, Construction Industry Development Council, India

Additionally, many CEO’s of major US companies will attend this important conference.  The ICIC provides unique opportunities to network with the world’s leading authorities from Business, Government and Education.